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The Body, Beauty & Bravery Assessment
This assessment is designed to help you determine if your community has needs that
could be met through using the B3P tools.  Complete the assessment then give Alison
a call to determine how exactly the Project can help.
If your answer was yes to any of these questions, or if there’s a specific experience
going on in your community you’d like to talk about, give Alison a call and we’ll
discuss together what B3P can do to help
Have you (or those in your group) been on a diet in the past year?

Do you feel guilty when you break the rules of your diet?

Have you felt uncomfortable about your body’s appearance?

Do you feel like life will be better once you accomplish your weight goals?

Do you feel better than others because of the food that you eat?  Because of the
exercise you do?

Do women in your church bond over discussions about diet, weight, and their bodies?

Would your community be more likely to gather and discuss a book of the Bible, or
pray together to lose weight and have more control over their food choices?

Do teens in your community wear inappropriate clothing?

Do the kids eat uncontrollably at youth group meetings?  Do they avoid eating?

Do they bond over discussions about food and body image?

Do they isolate themselves from girls who don’t fit in?  Do they tend to form cliques?