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Body, Beauty, & Bravery
Summer Camp for Girls, 9-12
June 9th-12th, 9:30-12pm
June 23rd-26th 6-8:30pm
East Cobb Presbyterian Church
4616 Roswell Rd. Marietta, GA. 30062

Middle School Authentic Expression
June 4th, 7-9pm
High School Authentic Expression
June 18th, 7-9pm
Camp Information
Registration and sign in begins at 9:30.  Once everyone has arrived we'll begin with an
icebreaker designed to connect the group.  Then we'll get started with a devotional lead by a
different special guest each day.  At 10 we'll break out into appropriate age groups to start off our
group experience.  Along with myself, female volunteers will also help lead portions of the

Monday is
Authentic Beauty day.  Here we introduce the basic principle of what Body, Beauty,
and Bravery is all about!  That every girl is born with value and dignity, and possesses God-given
beauty from the inside out.  That beauty is unique and worth expressing, which we will do in many
creative and safe formats throughout the morning.

Tuesday is
Authentic Health day.  This is not your school curriculum information about food
groups and pyramids!  It's teaching
valuable life skills about food and exercise.  The goal is to
teach your child to have peace with food and their bodies early on.

Wednesday is
Authentic Awareness day.  Whether you're 8 or 18, you are bombarded with
messages about your worth and beauty.  Even if you've taken measures to protect  your child from
our culture, unfortunately the messages can seep through even the best of boundaries.  I've seen
for myself the relief on these young girls faces to talk about this pressure and put a name to it.  
On this day the girls will be taught the messages about women in media, unethical marketing
tactics (including photoshop), and a healthy response to these messages.  (Images shown to
these groups will be age appropriate!)

Thursday is
Authentic Voice day.  The girls will start to put things together on this day, taking
everything we've learned so far and applying it to their lives.  They'll learn to validate their worth
and use their voice, whether it's sticking up for themselves or others.  By this day we'll have gotten
to know the groups more and will be able to apply this new learning to current situations in their
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