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What is 'The Body Beauty & Bravery
Project' (B3P)?  
We exist to teach and
empower women and girls to feel
comfortable in their own skin.
women's groups
faith-based organizations
girl scout groups
you name it!
Simpson MS, Pope HS, East Cobb Christian School,
The Walker School, Marist, Lovett, Pure Fashion,
Authentic Beauty, Breakthru House, Hiram MS,
Intown Presbyterian Church, Rhythm Dance Center,
Atlanta Dance Central, Praise in Motion, Wellspring,
and many many more!

Schedule your workshop NOW!

Alison Cross is now available to meet with patients, both adults and adolescents at the
Atlanta Counseling Center in Dunwoody, GA.  
For questions or scheduling, please call 770.396.0232
or email Alison at

Body, Beauty, and Bravery:  Camp for Girls, 9-12
Register Now!
June 9th-12th 9:30am-12pm OR June 23rd-26th 6pm-8:30pm
at East Cobb Presbyterian Church
4616 Roswell Rd.
Marietta, GA. 30062

Early-Bird Registration $129 through May 10th; price for camp is $150 starting May 11th
Check our Facebook page for more details!


Authentic Expression...back by popular demand!

Each participant will learn about the harmful effects of the beauty industry, but will then
be taught how to use makeup without the manipulative effects of media.  This
experience takes our Awareness workshop to the next level by helping your daughter
navigate how she wants to present herself to the world in a safe, authentic, and age
appropriate way.  

This workshop will be lead by Alison Cross, Licensed Professional Counselor, and a
make up artist from
Authentic Beauty, where every woman is beautiful.  

Middle School Girls Workshop:  June 4th, 7-9pm
High School Girls Workshop:  June 18th, 7-9pm

$129 for this experience; Register by June 1st  


Authentic Beauty 101

This introduction group is specifically designed for 6-8 year old girls.  Irresponsible
advertising aims negative messages to young girls, so there's no time to lose in
teaching your daughter how to love her body.  Guided by Alison Cross, former campers
will lead these girls in crafts and games, teaching them what a body image is, and
important principles to mindful eating.  This group is FREE!  

101 will happen at East Cobb Presbyterian Church Friday, June 13th from 10-12.  
Contact Alison Cross for details at alison@bodybeautybravery.com.

To Schedule your 2014 event, please contact Alison Cross at
alison@bodybeautybravery.com or call 404.213.1194 for more info.  Reservations for
2014 fall workshops and retreats are now being accepted.
Alison Cross, LPC
Three things I can do right now to
improve my body image are:
1.  Stop comparing myself to others.  When I
compare myself, I usually see what's wrong and
what I don't have.  I lose sight of the beauty that I
bring to the world, inside and out.

Stop letting the media define what's
 Unethical and irresponsible
advertising is all photoshopped and fake
anyway.  They want my money and don't care
how I feel about myself.

 Start speaking up for myself!  I will no
longer be bullied by other people's limited ideas
of what beauty is.  I am beautiful, regardless of
my waist size, skin color, and whatever else I
think may be "wrong."
The B3P provides workshops
and seminars to:
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letting me share her song, 'A Lot
Like Me' from her album 'The
Good Things.'