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Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Georgia

Alison has worked for 18 years in the mental health industry. Her specialties include  patients
with eating disorders, body image issues, depression, and women’s issues.

Co-founder of Project Authentic Beauty Youtube Video  (2:34)

Author of the whole beauty curriculum used in the Body, Beauty, and Bravery workshops

“Shero” of the month in February 2009 issue of Northside Woman Magazine

Wife for 20 years and mother of 4 beautiful daughters

Mission Statement:  To enlighten and inspire women and girls to embrace their God-given
beauty from the inside out.  

Ultimate Vision:  To initiate and inspire change in the body of Christ by empowering Christians
to be authentically transformed in their view of women, to see women as equal to men and worthy
of dignity, and not to be treated as objects.  Instead, we are created in the image of God and
that's not just good enough, it's amazing!

Statement of Faith:  I am a Christian, and this directly influences how I see the world. I am an
experienced Licensed Professional Counselor, and I realize this message doesn't belong to
Christians exclusively.  It's for everyone!  Therefore, all belief systems will be respected.  
Workshops and Seminars are designed especially for each community with their individual needs
and characteristics in mind.