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"The world’s message is cold and unfulfilling.  In
the eyes of the world we will never be enough,
there will always be someone younger, cuter, more
stylish and all around “better”.  Why join the rat
race?  Breathe!  Enjoy freedom in Christ and the
light that can only be found in Him will radiate
through you.  The best beauty advice I can offer is
be bold in the way Christ made you.  You are a
beautiful daughter of the King Most High!  Rest in
His love and truth and see your real beauty!"

Victoria was one of the counselors that helped out at
camp this summer.  What a beautiful role model for
those girls! Thanks to this wonderful Father and
Daughter for your comments.
The #1 Tip for Dads
with Daughters:

Listen to girls. Focus
on what is really
important-what my
daughter thinks,
believes, feels,
dreams, and
does-rather than how
she looks. I have a
profound influence on
how my daughter views
herself. When I value
for her true self, I give
her confidence to use
her talents in the
world."-Joe Kelly,
Founder of Dads and
live beautiful. live brave.
This week my Dad was at Trader Joe's sporting his
'live beautiful, live brave' t-shirt and was asked if he
was in the military.  I wonder if the cashier thought he
was part of the former 'don't ask don't tell' group of
the armed forces?!

Whatever the assumption, it makes me feel good to
know that my Dad is wearing this shirt.  I do believe
women need to be united to encourage each other in
loving our beauty inside and out, but it means
something so special when the men in our lives
support us as well.  It's like they're saying they
believe in us and also reject photoshopped images
of beauty as anything close to the real thing.  Thanks,

One of these men that I'd like to feature here is a
model Dad and fabulous Pastor and Counselor,
Wesley Horne.  While continuing his practice, he's
also serving as the Atlanta Regional Director at
PastorServe.  To find out more about his ministry,
www.pastorserve.net.  Meanwhile, check out
these words he wrote to me about living beautiful
and brave:

"Even though Jesus is the bright morning star
(Revelation 22:16) He chose to come in a form not
easily seen as beautiful (Isaiah 53:2). Our
commission is still to discover, believe and reflect
the unique beauty, the facets of His image we each
uniquely possess.  This beauty is not just an
outward, fading thing. It is a reflection of the very
glory of God. Live boldly in his beauty."

Victoria, his daughter had this to say about living
beautiful and living brave:

"As women, we have a natural longing inside of us
to feel desired and beautiful.  We want to feel
pursued - for our beauty to be recognized.  Not just
our outer beauty but our inner beauty as well.  The
world encourages - no demands that as a woman
you focus on the minute imperfections that make
you unique and in turn beautiful."