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I'm spilling all my secrets here for my next big presentation.  But I came across this website and had
to share it with you.  Mindblowing!!!  
This link to ‘Evolution’ details how Photoshop is used in nearly every picture we see.  It still amazes
me to come across people who still haven't seen this.  Pass it on after you've seen it!
Common Sense Media is dedicated to improving the media and entertainment lives of kids and
families.  I get their newsletter regularly.  Check out this video on boys and body image that got my
This is the home site of local business and brow guru of Atlanta, Alyson This is the home site of local
business and brow guru of Atlanta, Alyson Hoag. Professional Makeup Artists are aplenty, and each
believes that every woman is beautiful.  It is the empowering, outer beauty experience that  every
woman and young girl desperately needs.  This is also the home of Project Authentic Beauty, of which
Alison Cross is Co-Founder.  
Preventing eating disorders through education, outreach and action. This site has a professional
resource network of  Atlanta area therapists/nutritionists and treatment centers nation wide.
Body Matters is a program designed to help children, adolescents and families develop healthy
relationships with food.  We are committed to the prevention of eating disorders and believe that
children need support as they learn to feel good about eating and their bodies.  Our program offers
support and education to children, adolescents, families and caregivers on how to help the kids in
Body Matters Program
I stumbled on this website years ago, and it's still a wellspring of valuable information.  Click on
"Be a Better Mom" and enjoy the enlightenment.
Why should Mom do all the work?  Let's go Dad-your girl needs you.  Click on "Be a Better Dad."
Recently I received an amazing email from a teacher, representing her 5th grade class.  These
students are obviously living beautiful and living brave, simply by educating themselves and others
about a topic that not a lot of people care to discuss...eating disorders!!!  It's more common than
statistics can reveal, and deadly.  Thanks for this resource, class, you may have saved a life by
sharing this information:  
  Mrs. McVey's 5th grade class
Thank you for contacting me with this wonderful easy to read article on exercise addiction.  It's a
reality that I see played out in my community daily.  Sadly, I've seen all the danger signs listed in the
end too, but no one says anything usually during the process of getting to those signs, because
thinness is so praised on our society.  Health at any size is really possible people!  Awesome