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The Body, Beauty, and Bravery address and beauty curriculum encourages positive self-esteem,
a healthy body image, and increases media savvy.  For Christian groups, these workshops seek
to find the truth in beauty, and to point believers in the direction of Kingdom living.  
Workshops for Girls 8-18
Teaches each girl that inner beauty is the most important key to
expressing her authentic self.
Authentic Beauty
Authentic Health
Authentic Awareness
Authentic Voice
Body, Beauty, & Bravery:  
Designing an Address for your Community
Expresses the importance of physical health and nutritional
well being
Educates girls to look beyond the images they see in media
and instead see a diversity of beauty
Teaches girls how to protect their self-esteem, their body
image, and to use their youth voice
Teaches the truth about each girl’s beauty through the
empowering experience of an image journey with an
Beauty makeup artist
This talk is designed for adult and teen audiences usually, and its purpose is to create awareness of how the
beauty industry affects us. It also creates an awareness of how we adapt to their messages and pass them
along to the next generation.  This presentation lasts 45 minutes to one hour.  
The Bravery Presentation itself leaves the audience feeling restless, and bringing in the Authentic Health and
Authentic Voice curriculum helps your community develop answers to their questions.  Practicalities of taking
care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually without our culture's influence on diet and beauty are
introduced.  This lasts 2-3 hours, and is appropriate for ages 8-adult.
Authentic Expression (13-18)
This includes the presentation information, authentic health, authentic voice, and if desired a spiritual
component as well.  We choreograph a small group format to intentionally get your community to connect and
discuss everything presented through experiential exercises.  Discussion questions and guidance as needed
will be provided by the B3P staff.  This ultimate experience lasts 4-5 hours and is appropriate for ages 8 to
adult.  The Authentic Expression workshop, which includes an image journey with an Authentic Beauty makeup
artist, may be added for an additional fee.
The Bravery Presentation:
The Bravery Seminar:
The Bravery Workshop:
These are just a few ideas that generally work with the needs of our clients.  Weekend retreats are also a
great idea to have fun with this topic, and we at the Body, Beauty, and Bravery Project look forward to
designing the perfect experience for your community.