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Individual Counseling in Asheville, Hendersonville, NC and Atlanta, GA
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Hi there! I'm Alison Cross.  I provide both in person and virtual services in Georgia and North Carolina. It’s important to have an idea of what feels like the right fit when you’re looking for a qualified person to talk to. The problem is, how do you know?

When my client leaves our session, my goal is for them to feel heard and respected.  I want my clients to feel like they’re talking to a real person.  How else can trust be built? 

I view therapy as a safety net for the various issues clients bring. I will collaborate with you from the very first session on goals for your time. Some people I work with prefer to set the agenda for our time together, with just a few interjections from me. Others prefer to hear questions and suggestions that I may have.

I am comfortable with either because my goal is to develop a positive therapeutic relationship with you. When that happens, hope is tangible and the spirit opens to new life and new beginnings.

I tend to come from a psycho-dynamic and relational perspective, along with family systems and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  Humor also tends to show up.



Support That Makes a Difference

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Bridge Over River

For Licensure in Georgia and CEDS Supervision; NC Supervision coming soon!

Supervisees can expect a collaborative, validating, and educational dynamic. Alison strives to creatively empower future therapists and Certified Eating Disorder Specialists by introducing unique learning environments individually and with groups.

Learning Together

Creative and interactive? Or do you like to sit in the corner and observe? For both for the extro and introverts, we've got you covered. Whether we're sharing a meal and learning new skills, or discussing 'What's Really True About Your Body' with Author, Alison Cross, you are welcome here. 

A NBCC Approved Program
10 CE hours

Join me and my friends as we teach you, the clinician, how to work with clients that have a disordered relationship with food and their bodies. Learning the "basics" about treatment and nutrition, we will also cover effective treatment strategies integrating somatic experiencing and covering the negative effects of weight stigma. This will be an unforgettable experience! Taking place in Asheville, Hickory, Columbia SC, and Charlotte.



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